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Bienvenidos a Nuestra Casa

We’re a special breed of travelers, you and I. Distinctly non-tourist. We’re conscious. We live for immersive experiences. We love swashbuckling adventures and tranquilo retreats. We believe in nature. We see art as belonging in our everyday lives. We understand most questions can and must be answered with love. We used to anguish about the state of world affairs until we started creating our own.

We’re curious about the story of your life, and what wonderful synchronicity brought you to this place. Thanks for giving us a chance to create this. We’re grateful you’re here.

Everything here has been completely hand-crafted by a zealous team.

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The best place I’ve ever been; it’s like home far away from home. Super good breakfast, fresh fruit juice and coffee everyday. A fully equipped kitchen, nice pool and great rooftop terrace. Clean and beautiful rooms with hot water and AC. Good location and there’s security guard every night so you can sleep nights peacefully. Last but not least, the staff is so amazing and helpful!


Henna P

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From Moetti intersection, 1 block North and 1 block East, in front of, Violetta Chamorro´s House
San Juan del Sur

+505 2568 3034

+505 7833 8632

  • Sunny days by the pool at Casa Andalucia 🌴🌴🏊 .
We are still offering 50% off on all accommodations for November. For reservations use the promotion code 50OFF
  • Our current schedule for the Beach Shuttles !🌊🌴 Maderas
Departure - 10 am & 12:30 pm
Return - 4:30 pm

Departure - 11:15 am
Return - 3:30 pm Remanso - 4:00 pm Hermosa

As more tourists return to SJDS we will add more departure/return times to the schedule. 
Let's get sandy !
  • Yessir ! 🐢🐢
We have another turtle tour tonight for those who wants to go. 
Presentation starts at 6:30 so remember to sign up before 4pm. 
Help us preserve these beautiful creatures!
  • Carpe Diem ! 
the shadow of today
clouds our minds
forgotten thoughts
of yesterday
hopes of tomorrow
crushed today
memories of todays yesterday
quickly fading away

lessons learned 
lost by the time of a new day
every day has its own pain
today's different than tomorrows
the shadow of today
covers our souls in deep gray
for today will just be another
forgotten yesterday 
Poet - Scarlet
  • Turtle Tour Tonight !🐢🐢 Presentation will begin at 6:30pm so sign up in Casa Oro reception before 4pm. 
After that we will make our way to Playa La Flor to see these cute turtles! $25 pp includes presentation, shuttle roundtrip, entrance fee and your own guide at the playa. 
Not only fun to see these beautiful creatures but you are also helping the preservation of turtles by joining our tours! 
See you soon !
  • Enter Paradise 🌴🌊 Just a hop from Casa Oro hostel you can find the beach of San Juan del Sur. At this time of the year you might also be able to catch some waves in the bay, or just take a relaxed stroll with your feet in the sand and work on your tan.
  • So much more "Importanter"
  • Domingo Daal !🍴 Every sunday we will have the delicious Daal as a special!
For only $5 you get a healthy, warm meal with a cold beer included. 
The Daal is a spiced lentil soup served with rice and chapati(indian bread). Hugs & Goodvibes always included !
  • Grow Plants, Make Oxygen ♻️🌱🌿 The deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, in a rapid speed and only 10% of the world's forests are now protected. 
Deforestation drives to climate change, reduced carbon, extinction of species and removes cures for diseases found in plants and raw materials in the rainforests. 
And while you have been reading this, almost 2 hectares of forest have been cut down. 
A world without trees, unimaginable right? Well, it's happening
  • The sunset in SJDS is always a beauty to watch 🌅
  • Shaka Brah 🌊 !

@agustinadibenedetto ready to hit the waves here in SJDS! 
At the moment you can go to either Playa Maderas, Playa Hermosa or Playa Remanso with only 3 people, when you want and come back when you want! 
We also offer surflesson for only $25 per person with qualified instructors that speaks both english and spanish! 
Shoot us a message or send us a email for more info! 
Surf's Up !!
  • Happy Halloween !👹 Come by Casa Oro for our Happy Hour pre drinks before taking on the town of SJDS. We will also have a Halloween meal special and more! 
Let's go Trick & Treat!

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