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Bienvenidos a Nuestra Casa

We’re a special breed of travelers, you and I. Distinctly non-tourist. We’re conscious. We live for immersive experiences. We love swashbuckling adventures and tranquilo retreats. We believe in nature. We see art as belonging in our everyday lives. We understand most questions can and must be answered with love. We used to anguish about the state of world affairs until we started creating our own.

We’re curious about the story of your life, and what wonderful synchronicity brought you to this place. Thanks for giving us a chance to create this. We’re grateful you’re here.

Everything here has been completely hand-crafted by a zealous team.

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Everything was great. Loved the room and the super comfortable bed. Great lighting from the salt lamp in the room. The staff was amazing: super friendly, accommodating and chill. We could use the pool all night and the main area was open, comfortable; a really great place to hang out, drink, do yoga, plan excursions, meet other guests or chill alone.

Aaron, (US)

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From Moetti intersection, 1 block North and 1 block East, in front of, Violetta Chamorro´s House
San Juan del Sur

+505 2568 3034

+505 7833 8632

  • Here's our weekly blog post. This time Jasi (@nomadjazzing) shares her perspective about her work for Casa Oro and life in San Juan del Sur. Wanna know where the children play? The playground is just one click away... https://www.scart.space/where-the-children-play/
  • Don't miss out on our daily yoga classes 8AM & 4:30PM ~ all donations go to La Flor Natural Reserve •
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  • Views from our Bed & Breakfasts. There's a bright side to the rain, for our surrounding mountain ranges are full of life and color. Let's keep up with the continued efforts in bringing back our known San Juan del Sur.
  • Check out one of our very owns perspective of life in San Juan Del Sur. I think all of us will find similarities and maybe some differences in our experiences here in this tiny, amazing little surf town.

We would love to hear about your adventures~ comment below or DM us😀https://www.scart.space/kaleidoscopic-view-san-juan/ •
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  • If you are looking for vegan or gluten-free restaurants in San Juan del Sur area, head and click on Deborah Charnes' article below on the Houston Chronicle, where she reviews her favourite dishes from major to small businesses/spots in town. Get to know our kick-ass Casa Oro menu options and other tourist picks.

  • Perfect day to relax on the hammock at Casa Andalucia •
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  • Please check out our volunteer Deborah Charnes' column on LatinaLista's website (Smart News Source) and her perspective on how tropical storm Nate affected our town. Let's continue to give back to those who lost homes and whose businesses were damaged. Thank you for your continuous support at this time.

  • If you want to read on the combined efforts in the aftermath of storm Nate and what you can still do to help, head onto our blog SCART+Space.
More community updates to come in the following months.
  • Live Music Benefiting the Surrounding Communities affected by Tropical Storm Nate.

This is to be an event for people to bring clothes, nonperishable food, money donations and any other items for families hit by the storm. San Antonio, Monte Cristo, Tortuga are the communities we will be sending relief to. We will be accompanied by Earl Tenorio for some live music!
  • With the aid of many young locals from Rivas and tourists, Jorge Barahona and Casa Oro brought supplies (mattresses and food among others) in support of the communities of Ostional, Collado and Las Brisas. Transportation was provided to young students in Escuela Las Nubes. There was a joint effort with the secretary of government as well. More help is to come! -

Con la ayuda de muchos jóvenes lugareños de Rivas y turistas, Jorge Barahona y Casa Oro aportaron suministros (colchones y alimentos entre otros) en apoyo a las comunidades de Ostional, Collado y Las Brisas. Se proporcionó transporte a jóvenes estudiantes en la Escuela Las Nubes. Igualmente se realizo un conjunto de apoyo con la secretaria del gobierno ¡Más ayuda está por venir!
  • Repost by: @kath_la enjoying out rooftop view in Nuestra Casa, guest house and B&B.
  • We are full of emotions. It is easy to put up walls when we’re traveling and forget to allow others into our space. Remember to smile at a stranger, give a hug when saying hello for the first time or maybe sit down for a cup of coffee to share stories.

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